White or Gold Pearlescence

1. White or Gold Pearlescence may be used directly onto ceramic bisque for a pearlescent finish and spraying is not necessary.

2. It can be tinted to any pastel color by using translucent colors of your choice.

3. The pearl tone, when dry, may be antiqued with any translucent color.


No one likes to hear that prices are going up. We have managed to avoid any increases since the end of 2012. Unfortunately, we are unable to maintain existing prices for another year.

We continue work with suppliers in an attempt to keep increases to a minimum. You can be assured, as always, we will maintain prices at the lowest level possible without sacrificing quality. New prices will be posted prior to January 1st.

Orders placed before January 1st will be billed at 2014 price levels and shipped in the order in which they are received.


Our offices will be closed from December 11th, 2014 through January 2nd, 2015 – We wish each of you a happy holiday season.

We want to thank all our loyal customers for allowing us to serve your Fashenhues needs during the past year.

For our family, it has been a learning experience. Each day has brought us a new challenge; resolving each allowed us to learn how to better service your product needs. The help provided by my brother Jchon and his wife Dawn has been invaluable. And no one helped more than my parents Frank and Pat. Always feel free to contact us with any issue you may face.

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