Designing and Photography and Painting, Oh My!

Fashenhues | Translucent Ceramic Stains
I’m Not Messy. I’m Creative!

I don’t know of any “creative types” out there that limit their creativity to one media or craft.

And speaking personally, I would go crazy if I didn’t have the opportunity to dable in many, many, many (too many?) projects and means of expressing my creativity.  Which may be why I don’t think I could be called a master of any of them, but that’s another article for another time.

If I had no day-job, I could still easily fill my time with a number of craetive outlets:

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  • Designing & building wood projects
    I love taking something from pencil scratched ideas to a full-blown 3D mock-up on my computer to the finished piece – furniture, toys, gadgets, etc.
  • Learning new photography techniques
    I certainly didn’t recently buy a new studio lighting kit in addition to my table-top lightbox, build a backdrop frame and have plans on converting the guest room into our own little photo studio – oh wait, yes I did.  And of course learning the best methods and lighting for photographing finished ceramic pieces and Fashehues product images.
  • Painting
    I think I would get some raised eyebrows if I didn’t mention painting.  Ceramics & Fashenhues, oil & canvas, latex & walls – well, not so much on that last one.


What are the means and methods you use to express yourself?

Fall, er… Autumn Is Here!

Craft FairFall. Autumn. Whatever you want to call this time of year, it’s still my favorite! The weather turns cooler, the days a little shorter and all of a sudden craft shows, street fairs and pumpkin patches start springing up everywhere!

And maybe it’s because we can see Christmas and the gift-giving season in the distance, but this time of year makes me want to make something!

I spend all year gathering a list of little knick knacks and gifts I want to make for my friends and family. Turned pens made from exotic woods. Desktop clocks with encouraging quotes. Tons of other items that, if history is an indication, will never be made.

I do hope to break that repeating historic pattern this year! It’s not too late – in fact the time is perfect! The time is now!

Do you like to give hand-made gifts? Do you sew, quilt, paint, woodwork, throw pottery or something completely different?

What will you be making for your loved ones this year?

The Creative Itch


I usually come to realize the creative deficit when I start getting the “bug” again.  I’ll be sitting at my desk minding my own business (usually with my face in a hundred lines of code or my mind pondering a server error), when all of a sudden it hits me.  I’d rather be making SOMETHING.  I’d rather be painting or designing or building SOMETHING.

One of the benefits of Fashenhues is the fact that it’s a non-fired paint/stain.  A small piece could be painted within an hour from naked bisque to sealer spray coats and out the door!

How often do you get to flex your creative muscles?

Developing Colors

Aside from meeting and getting to know the wonderful and talented artists who use Fashenhues products, one of the most fun aspects of Fashenhues is the development of new colors we add to our lines!

There are so many beautiful colors around us, how can we choose just a few? It’s not easy, let me tell you! Warm colors, bright colors, earthy colors…

We’d love to hear from you! What colors do you feel Fashenhues is missing from the line-up? Maybe that S-45 Harvest Moon isn’t quite harvest-y enough? Perhaps that pesky S-32 Royal Purple isn’t quite pulling of the regal look you’re going for?

Not just Translucents either. What Luminescent or Metallic color(s) would you like to see added to the Fashenhues catalog?

Let’s hear from you in the Comments below!

Shop Online

fh_placeholderWe’re going live!

As of August 10, 2013, we are enabling the shopping cart function of

Please feel free to continue calling, faxing or e-mailing your orders as you always have – nothing will change in your ability to order as before. But if you prefer, we now offer a secure online transaction option for you as well!

As a thank you for trying this new option, please feel free to use the coupon code, summer2013, for 10% off* your first online order.

If you are a Fashenhues Dealer with an existing discount agreement with us and wish to order online, please contact us prior to ordering for your unique Dealer Discount Code to use online.

*10% discount expires October 1, 2013 and cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion, or group such as Dealer Discounts.

By Golly, Buy Local!

buy-local-poster_fullFashenhues has always been a Made in America product that ships across the globe. We continue to be proud of a quality product that is developed, mixed, bottled and labeled by our own hands.
We are often asked if we have a local dealer or shop in any given area where a customer can buy locally. We love being asked this question, because we have amazing dealers across the U.S. and abroad who carry Fashenhues products. We encourage everyone to see if there is one in your neighborhood!

To make that search easier for you, we have a Dealer Locator function built into the website. Simply enter your Zipcode, select a distance within to search and presto!
We are continuing to work with our dealers to make sure they are included in our Locator, so be certain to contact us if you know of a shop that carries our products but doesn’t show up in your search!
And as always, PLEASE let us know how YOU would like to utilize by Contacting Us Here!

Same Company, Same Family, New Owners

Big News!

As of January 1, 2013, Fashenhues has been been transferred to hands of Jchon & Dawn Paradise (Frank & Pat’s son & daughter-in-law)!

We have great things planned and in the works but be patient with us as we navigate this transition!

It won’t be long before we have the new up and running, but in the meantime, please feel to email, phone or fax in your orders.


Phone: 405-359-9100

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We are excited and look forward to getting to know you!