Designing and Photography and Painting, Oh My!

Fashenhues | Translucent Ceramic Stains
I’m Not Messy. I’m Creative!

I don’t know of any “creative types” out there that limit their creativity to one media or craft.

And speaking personally, I would go crazy if I didn’t have the opportunity to dable in many, many, many (too many?) projects and means of expressing my creativity.  Which may be why I don’t think I could be called a master of any of them, but that’s another article for another time.

If I had no day-job, I could still easily fill my time with a number of craetive outlets:

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  • Designing & building wood projects
    I love taking something from pencil scratched ideas to a full-blown 3D mock-up on my computer to the finished piece – furniture, toys, gadgets, etc.
  • Learning new photography techniques
    I certainly didn’t recently buy a new studio lighting kit in addition to my table-top lightbox, build a backdrop frame and have plans on converting the guest room into our own little photo studio – oh wait, yes I did.  And of course learning the best methods and lighting for photographing finished ceramic pieces and Fashehues product images.
  • Painting
    I think I would get some raised eyebrows if I didn’t mention painting.  Ceramics & Fashenhues, oil & canvas, latex & walls – well, not so much on that last one.


What are the means and methods you use to express yourself?

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