Base Coat


The most important step in using the Fashenhues Translucent Stains is the application of base coat.

Every other step in creating your piece of art using Fashenhues stains is very forgiving and easy to recover from mistakes or as everyone’s favorite artist, Bob Ross, touts, “happy little accidents”.

Fashenhues Base Coats come in two shades and two sizes of each:

C-1044 – White Base Coat 4oz

C-1048 – White Base Coat 8oz

C-1244 – Cream Base Coat 4oz

C-1288 – Cream Base Coat 8oz

Fashenhues products are formulated to work in conjunction with each other, which means all white paint is NOT the same.

Any wide-tipped brush can be used to apply the base coat, however, we recommend a 1” nylon/taklon brush. We find that brush gives a smooth finish and leaves few, if any, brush marks.

It is important to have complete coverage of base coat on your bisque piece*. Any areas not covered in base coat will be obvious one you start your antiquing, as the stain will simply soad into the piece, leaving behind a dark, matte spot. So be sure check the piece for unpainted areas. One way to do this is by brushing Fashenhues Antiquing Solution over dry base coat. If a discoloration appears, it shows an area not covered with base coat. Dry the area with a paper towel then correct with White Base Coat.

The best way to assure coverage is to use the Fashenhues preferred, two-coat method.

Start with Fashenhues Cream Base Coat, completely covering the piece. Since most artists use our products on bisque, the cream color of the base coat contrasts well with the white of the fired bisque.

Complete coverage is necessary but be careful to not apply it too thickly, drowning or filling in details of the piece. Allow the base coat to dry completely.

Next apply a second base coat, but this time using the White Base Coat. As you can imagine, the contrast of the White Base Coat against that of the Cream Base Coat will give you a great visual reference in determining if you have obtained complete coverage. Allow the base coat to dry completely.

Using this preferred method, you’ll have no problem and be able to have complete confidence that you’re ready to create your work of art.

*Fashenhues Translucent Stains produce beautiful results on more media than ceramic bisque. Try the same techniques on other media such as wood figures, frames or other intricate items.