Blending Media


Blending Media is a product used with Fashenhues translucent colors. It serves a variety of purposes:

  1. When mixed with an antiquing color, wiping is much smoother and easier!
  2. When mixed with pastel colors, it makes them more transparent.
  3. When mixed with aged translucent colors (thick), it brings them back to original consistency.

When using the Blending Media, drop out,-about 1/4 tsp. on a palette. Apply color of your choice to another area of a palette. Tip brush into Blending Media, not too much, then into translucent color. Swirl brush on palette to distribute. Apply to piece and wipe as usual.

When using Blending Media, the drying time will be extended just a bit so it is suggested to hold your piece with a cloth while painting. You will also find that you do not have to wipe as hard as without using the Blending Media.

When painting a smooth area, for instance a sky, the color wipes unbelievably smooth, especially when you add a secondary color into the sky. The sky base color would be S-7
Blue Gray. When adding a second color such as S-22 Magenta or S-21 Mustard with a cloth, the color just blends so beautifully into the Blue Gray with no streaks or lines where colors join. As we all know, smooth surfaces and skin tones are the most difficult to achieve. When using the Blending Media, these techniques are no longer a problem.

When painting flesh tones, base coat skin area with C-104 White. Check with Antiquing
Solution. Antique with a light color antique, such as S-2 Mocha or S-9 Gray. Load brush as described above, apply and wipe with t—shirt piece as you would normally. It may be necessary to moisten a cloth with a bit of Antiquing Solution and lighten antiquing color. For faces, use Blending Media with S-13 Flesh, load the brush as previously explained, remove the excess on a paper towel, then dry brush flesh tone. lf color is too weak, too much Blending Media is in your brush. If your brush is loaded properly, this would be all that would be necessary. If color does not appear to be even, BLOT skin with t—shirt piece.

The Blending Media is a fabulous new product that helps us achieve the beautiful results we are looking for with a minimum amount of work!