Gloss Glaze


1. Gloss Glaze is used for giving eyes and lips a very shiny sparkle and don’t forget water or any area you with a “glaze” surface to appear. It is extremely durable and can be applied over any stain inside birdbaths or fountains and can be used outdoors. After brushing on 2 coats, allow drying time between coats. Gloss Glaze requires a 30-day curing time before filling with water.

2. Any number of different materials can be laminated onto ceramic, i.e., wrapping paper, napkins, greeting cards, ribbon, cotton/poly fabric, and paper bags. You may also laminate on a variety of surfaces other than ceramic, i.e., wood, paper, plastic, metal, etc. Use material to decorate a figurine’s dress, Santa’s robe, vase, lamp, photo frame, etc. Gloss Glaze must be applied generously under and over material to be laminated.