Metallic Powders


1. Gold and Silver powders are available. They are as fine as talcum and very brilliant.

2. Powders may be mixed with translucent colors for shimmery effects, especially great for Nativity pieces, king’s robes, etc. Beautiful effects are achieved by mixing gold powder with S-37 Hunter Green for a Mallard’s head or hummingbird’s body. They can also be applied to a piece with your finger as a “metallic rub.” Spray to set.

3. You can make a gold antiquing by dipping brush into Antiquing Solution, then into the powder. Brush over a completely painted and sprayed angel’s wing, for instance, then wipe with a shirt piece. Excess powder can be removed with a clean cloth and Antiquing Solution. Spray to set. You can make a gold or silver paint by mixing the powder with Gloss Glaze or White Pearl.