Translucent Colors


1. All translucents can be mixed with each other for custom shades. Forty-eight colors are available.

2. The color may be applied with a brush, then either blotted or wiped until you get the shade you like. A drop or two of Blending Media can be added to the colors. Do not brush color heavily for solid coverage without blotting or wiping.

3. The S-10 White translucent is used to; a) mix with other translucent colors to lighten shade, or b) to be mixed with Blending Media, pick color up with t-shirt piece, remove excess on paper towel, then rouge on areas that you need whiter. By rubbing the white onto an area, it will remove the color underneath and the white will remain. A lovely sot white is left, much quicker and smoother than dry brushing with white acrylic. Colors can be layered by rouging one color over another.

4. To prevent smearing colors, brush colors onto area desired then gently blot. Wipe only where you can comfortably reach. DO NOT WIPE INTO CREVICE. Leave darker color in crevice for shadow. The benefits will be a beautiful shadow within the color and will eliminate the smearing problem.

5. To lighten translucent colors from a piece, lightly moisten t-shirt with Antiquing Solution, wipe to desired shade. For a real smooth finish, lightly moisten t-shirt with Blending Media. I usually use the Blending Media to smooth skin tones.

6. Pieces decorated with translucent colors must be sprayed to set the color immediately when finished. Spray will set color.