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Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Wholesale Terms & Conditions

To qualify for Fashenhues LLC (“Fashenhues”) wholesale purchases, you must be a valid and verified business and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Please ensure you have read and understood these terms prior to applying to be a Fashenhues Wholesaler (Dealer or Distributor) and placing Wholesale orders with us. If you’re outside the domestic U.S., please make sure you also read the terms and conditions specific to International Wholesale orders (labeled below). These Terms and Conditions apply to all Wholesale account holders.



Wholesale Dealer

A Fashenhues Wholesale Dealer is someone who purchases Fashenhues products at a discounted rate for their verified business, maintains inventory, and sells directly to retail consumers.

Wholesale Distributor

A Fashenhues Wholesale Distributor is someone who purchases Fashenhues products at a discounted rate for their verified business, maintains inventory, seeks out new and sells to Fashenhues Dealers at a discounted rate as well directly to retail consumers at full retail prices.


Any business that wishes to place a Wholesale order with Fashenhues must first be approved for a Wholesale account. In order to gain approval, we will require specific details from you, including your business name, State Tax ID/EIN/GST/VAT, address or URL of your retail or online outlet, and all pertinent contact details.

Tax documentation must list the business name provided in your application (if your tax doc doesn't say the business name you applied with, please  provide copy of DBA). For states without sales tax (Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon) you will need to provide your state's filing for your LLC, DBA, etc. Canadian and other international businesses, please provide proof of VAT/GST.

A Resale Certification must also be filled out, signed and returned to Fashenhues for Texas state requirements. You can find the appropriate form here with Fashenhues' information pre-filled.

If you already have an account with us, please email with a copy of your Sales Tax ID or equivalent documentation for your area, and the Resale Certificate so we can make the necessary changes to transition it to a Wholesale account.

If you would like to retain use of your current account for personal purchases, make sure you use a different email address when applying for Wholesale. When completing the application, use the business email you would like all invoices, tracking, and communication to go to. You will be unable to have one email for both of your accounts. If you do not yet have a Fashenhues account with your new business email, one will be created for you utilizing your Wholesale Application information. An invitation to activate your account and create a password will be emailed to the email you provide.

Fashenhues will make an assessment as to your eligibility for a Wholesale account based on the information provided.

Wholesale account holders are only approved for the specific retail or online outlet that has been listed on their initial application. If you wish to sell from a further associated outlet (online or retail) in the same business name as your initial application, you must have this approved in advance by Fashenhues. Pop-ups and “shows” are exempt from this requirement.

Selling from additional outlets without our knowledge and approval may result in the suspension or cancellation of your Wholesale account.

Once your application is approved you will be able to place your first order online via the Fashenhues website.


In general, Fashenhues does not approve the following business-types and/or websites:

  • Auction sites such as eBay
  • Group Buy-Ins
  • Any business or website claiming to be a “wholesale provider”


Fashenhues Wholesale Dealers and Distributors get exclusive pricing access to our site with their valid Wholesale credentials. Prices shown online when logged in will reflect the discount pricing on all applicable items.

Wholesale Dealer Terms

Fashenhues Wholesale Dealers receive 40% off published retail prices, excluding any closeout, discontinued or bundled (e.g., Fashenhues Kits) items.

  • New Wholesale Dealer accounts receive a one-time 50% off published retail prices for their initial/opening order. There is no upward limit to this order, as we understand Dealers may wish to take advantage of this one-time greater discount. Each re-order thereafter will be at the standard Dealer rate of 40% off retail.
  • A $250 Minimum Opening Order (after 50% off retail) is required within 30 days of account approval.
  • To maintain in good standing and retain Dealer status and discount, Dealer accounts must make $500 in wholesale purchases annually (opening order will apply to the first annual accrual).

Wholesale Distributor Terms

Fashenhues Wholesale Distributors receive 50% off published retail prices, excluding any closeout, discontinued or bundled (e.g., Fashenhues Kits) items.

  • New Wholesale Distributor accounts receive a one-time 60% off published retail prices for their initial/opening order. Each re-order thereafter will be at the standard Distributor rate of 50% off retail prices.
  • A $1500 Minimum Opening Order (after 60% off retail) is required within 30 days of account approval.
  • To maintain in good standing and retain Distributor status and discount, Distributor accounts must make $3000 in wholesale purchases annually (opening order will apply to the first annual accrual).

There may, at times, be some products, including limited edition products or certain product lines that may not be available for wholesale purchase. This may include products that are being discontinued and offered at a discounted retail price. We reserve the right to exclude certain items or entire lines of products from wholesale.

Published Retail prices can be found on, but you must be logged out of your Wholesale Account to view.


Most major credit cards accepted (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express).

We also offer a 'Buy Now - Pay Later' service via Shop Pay. Please read more about availability and qualifications here.

Unless term conditions have already been established, all payments are due upon order.


Once an order is made and payment is received, we will be unable to make changes or add/remove items from your order.

Fashenhues will pick, pack and ship orders as quickly as possible. Our standard processing time for retail purchases is 2-5 business days. However, processing times for wholesale orders may vary depending on existing inventory and batch production needs. Fashenhues will communicate any pertinent updates and information regarding specific wholesaler order fulfillment.


Items will ship according to our outlined Shipping Policy

Wholesalers incur all shipping costs. Fashenhues will provide tracking info. USPS is typically used for domestic orders, but other carriers may be used as Fashenhues deems fit.

Fashenhues automatically insures all Wholesale orders. If your shipment is damaged in transit, refuse delivery. If unable to refuse delivery, Wholesalers agree to contact the Carrier and Fashenhues within 5 days of delivery receipt. Failure to do so within 5 days of delivery receipt may make your order not eligible for credit to your account. Please DO NOT throw away package, packing materials, or damaged goods. Carriers require photographs of both the damaged box and products.

Fashenhues cannot be held liable for any errors or shipping delays caused by the carrier but will work to help facilitate retrieval. Problems must be reported in writing by email and you will not be able to return goods until a written authorization from Fashenhues is received. Goods that are sent back without prior authorization may not be eligible for credit to your account.


After payment is received and processing of your order has begun, we do not allow for cancellations.


The same application process outlined above applies to International Wholesale.


Shipping rates will vary depending on weight and dimensions. Customs delays may occur in some instances.

Purchasers may elect to use a physical U.S. address to take advantage of our domestic shipping rates and policies.


Wholesalers will need to check local customs regulations, as sometimes there are duties, taxes or fees due. These duties, taxes, or fees are solely the responsibility of the Wholesaler.

Fashenhues will not be responsible for the payment of any customs levies, duties or, taxes that may be associated with the delivery of Wholesale orders in your country. Wholesale customers are solely responsible for any such fees. We ask that you please make yourself aware of any possible fees before placing a Wholesale order with Fashenhues


All of the designs, content within, and any materials made available on the Fashenhues website, print, social media or any other Fashenhues brand medium are the sole property of Fashenhues LLC. The website, designs, images and content within are protected by copyright and intellectual property law and may not be reproduced in any form without the express written consent of Fashenhues.

By becoming a Fashenhues Wholesaler, we are granting you a temporary license to sell Fashenhues products and use our promotional imagery in your own marketing, however no rights to our products, designs, photographs, branding or otherwise will transfer during the wholesale relationship. You hereby agree not to reprint, post, or copy (including electronic or digital scans) any photography, sales materials, or product designs without the expressed written consent of Fashenhues.

Any attempt to use our intellectual property in a manner outside of, or inconsistent with, these Terms and Conditions may result in suspension or cancellation of your Wholesale account or further action being taken against you for copyright or any other relevant intellectual property infringement.

Product images found on the Fashenhues website may be used by our Wholesaler partners so long as the images remain original and unaltered.

When selling online, the brand name Fashenhues must be listed either in the product name or in the description of the product.

To protect our trademarks and intellectual property rights, any alterations of our products are prohibited. This includes removing product labels, placing other labels over the Fashenhues label or any other methods of obfuscating the Fashenhues brand.


In addition to criteria listed previously, Fashenhues reserves the right to suspend or cancel a Wholesale account for reasons including, but not limited to: 

  • Engaging in improper or prohibited trading practices including, but not limited to, selling Fashenhues products from an unapproved outlet or using images, logos or any other intellectual property in a manner inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions or our rights as intellectual property holders.
  • Failing to pay for orders or have attempted to cancel more than one order;
  • Failing to advise us of a change in practices, locations, or any other material factor relevant to our Wholesale approval process;

Fashenhues also reserves the right to terminate the Wholesale agreement with any of its partners effective immediately for the following including but not limited to harassment of staff, improper branding, Fashenhues Facebook group violations, and non-compliance of the above-mentioned terms.


Fashenhues reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions that govern our wholesale relationships at any time. We will notify current Fashenhues Wholesale account holders of any such changes.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to make alterations to our wholesale products, prices, shipping methods, returns policies or any other part of our wholesale process.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Wholesale procedures or Terms and Conditions, please contact us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Any personal information that you provide to Fashenhues including your name, address, telephone number, and email address will be treated confidentially and will not be released, sold, or rented to any entities or individuals outside of Fashenhues. Fashenhues does not collect or record any credit card details you may provide when purchasing products from the Fashenhues website.

Upon approval of a Fashenhues Wholesale Account, Wholesaler agrees to receive recurring automated marketing text messages at the phone number provided. Consent is not a condition to purchase. Reply STOP to text messages to unsubscribe. Msg & data rates may apply. View our Terms of Service for details.

All Wholesale Dealers and Distributors further certify that if any property so purchased tax free is used or consumed by the Wholesaler’s business or as an individual as to make it subject to a Sales or Use Tax, Wholesaler will pay the tax due directly to the proper taxing authority.

Items purchased wholesale, will be resold by the Wholesaler in their present form or attached to other taxable items to be sold.

Wholesalers understand that if they make any use of the items other than retention, demonstration or display while holding them for sale, they must pay sales tax on the items at the time of use based upon the purchase price.


Please fill out the online form to apply for a Fashenhues Wholesale Dealer or Distributor account.

This agreement supersedes any previous written or verbal agreement and was updated on 05/14/2023.

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