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Translucent Stains - Pumpkin


Create dazzling pottery and ceramics with our S-29 Pumpkin Translucent Stain! Boasting vibrant pumpkin shading, this stain will turn even the dullest project into a work of art that'll have 'em gushin'. Pump up the color and add a unique, translucent twist to your clay creations!

You will be amazed at the creations you can make with Fashenhues Translucent stains. So easy to learn and fun to use!

Primarily used on prepared bisque but also works great on wood, canvas and many other surfaces! Get crazy and let your imagination go wild!

These absolute top-of-the-line, 48 superior water-based concentrated translucent colors are fun to use and clean up easily with soap and water.

Translucent Stains - Pumpkin

Translucent Stains - Pumpkin


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