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How to Take Professional-Looking Photos at Home

Taking a picture of pottery using a phone.

Are you tired of taking mediocre iPhone photos of your Fashenhues pieces? Do you want to up your ceramics photography game and make your work look like they belong in a fancy art gallery? Look no further! With these simple tips, you can take professional-looking photographs of your masterpieces using just your trusty iPhone (or whatever non-iPhone people use). So grab your phone, set up your tripod, and let's get started!

To take professional-looking photographs of your ceramics at home using an iPhone, you will need to follow a few key steps:

  1. First, choose a well-lit location to set up your shot. If you don't have access to natural light, try using a single, bright light bulb like the ones used in old-timey police interrogations. This will give your ceramics that "just-grilled" look that's all the rage these days.

  2. Next, set up your iPhone on a tripod or other stable surface to ensure that it stays steady and in place for the duration of the shoot. This will help to avoid any blurry, drunken-looking photos. Plus, it will make you feel like a professional photographer - so feel free to just go with it and make that pottery shine! "Smile like you're a duck with a secret!"

  3. Use a white or light-colored backdrop to make your piece stand out. This will also help to reduce shadows and create a clean, minimalist look. Plus, it will make your art look like it's floating in a magical, ethereal realm, which is always a plus.

  4. Use the close-up setting on your iPhone's camera to capture detailed shots of your pieces. This will help to show off their texture and fine details, as well as any stray bits of dust or cat hair that may have landed on them.

  5. Experiment with different angles and compositions to find the most visually appealing shot. You may want to try shooting from above, at eye level, or from the side to see which perspective looks best. Just remember: the weirder the angle, the more likely it is to go viral on social media.

  6. Use editing software to touch up your photos and adjust the lighting and contrast if needed. Many iPhone models come with built-in editing tools, or you can use a third-party app to achieve the look you want. Just don't overdo it - you don't want your Fashenhues masterpiece to look like it's been Photoshopped to death.

In short, taking professional-looking photographs of your ceramics at home using an iPhone is all about having the right lighting and backdrop, and experimenting with different angles and compositions. Just remember to have fun and not take yourself too seriously - after all, the old-timey craft police aren’t going to come take you away!

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